What is Jaydess® 13.5mg?

Jaydess® 13.5mg is the best contraceptive and it is used to prevent pregnancy for up to three years. Jaydess® 13.5mg is a T-Shaped Intrauterine Delivery System in Shelton, CT that is placed inside the womb where it slowly releases a small amount of the hormone that stops the sperm from reaching the egg. Jaydess® 13.5mg works by thickening the skin around the vagina and reducing the monthly growth of the lining of the womb. All these actions prevent the sperm from reaching the egg, so prevent fertilization of an egg by sperm. Let a professional do this for you as it is not an easy task to be done at home.

Jaydess® 13.5mg Shelton - Connecticut

What is Jaydess® 13.5mg Used For?

Jaydess® 13.5mg is a soft, flexible T-shaped Birth Control Device that is placed inside the uterus with the help of an expert in Shelton, CT. The medication continuously released a hormone inside the uterus over a period of 3 years to prevent pregnancy. It can also be used to reduce the pain caused by periods in women.

How To Use Jaydess® 13.5mg?

It starts by placing an instrument called a speculum into the vagina. And the cervix is cleansed with an antiseptic solution to kill any bacteria. Jaydess® 13.5mg is then placed into the womb using a thin, Flexible Plastic Tube. Local anesthesia may be given to the patient before doing such an operation. You can Buy Cheaper Jaydess® 13.5mg Online in Shelton, CT from our online pharmacy.

What Does Jaydess® 13.5mg Work?

Copper and hormonal IUDs are effective to use and pregnancy is very rare but still, you need to talk to your doctor. It prevents the hormones, stops sperm from reaching the egg and sperm does reach the Fertilization Egg and IUD prevents the egg from attaching to the wall of the uterus.

Why Jaydess® 13.5mg is Prescribed?

Your doctor may have guided you for this type of Prescribed Medication in Shelton, CT if you want to stay away from having a child for the next 3 years. Or if the periods days are getting quite painful for your to endure. Do not stop taking this medication without consulting your doctor.

What Conditions Does Jaydess® 13.5mg Treat?

Jaydess® 13.5mg is mainly used in Shelton, CT to stop women from getting pregnant, but it can also be used to lower down the Period’s Pain. It starts to work as soon as it is inserted. However, it is suggested to wait 24 to 48 hours before having sexual activity.

Jaydess® 13.5mg Dosage

There is no such thing as a dosage when it comes to such instruments. They are simply inserted inside the womb and they stay there till the time is up. Mostly they stay inside the womb for 3 years. You can Consult Your Doctor in Shelton, CT when they should insert this inside you.

What Are The Advantages of Jaydess® 13.5mg?

  • It can last for 3 to 10 years however it is depending upon the type of IUD.
  • It can be easily taken out at any time.
  • Very effective and it works very well.
  • It does not affect breastfeeding.
  • This copper IUD does not contain any hormones.
  • This copper IUD can also be used as emergency contraception
  • It helps light period bleeding and pain.

Side Effects of Jaydess® 13.5mg:

While placing or removing the Jaydess® 13.5mg, the following side effects can occur: 

  • Pain
  • Bleeding
  • Dizziness
  • Fainting

Side effects happen the most in the first months after Jaydess® 13.5mg is placed and then they start to decrease as time goes on. It is also normal to see changes in the Period’s Cycle during the use of Jaydess® 13.5mg.

Cautions To Take Jaydess® 13.5mg:

Try to avoid having sex or using a condom until your Healthcare Professional has checked that the Jaydess® 13.5mg is still in position. You or your partner can feel the lower end of Jaydess® 13.5mg as they started the intercourse.